Agricultura responsable

Ethical Values

Our ethical values are deeply rooted in the business. We are environmentally responsible and also accountable to our partners and customers.


The natural wealth of the Andes and the access to the purest sources of water guarantees fresh products with a high amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Supply Chain

We cultivate hand in hand with peasants who inherited the knowledge of thousands of years of ancestral wisdom in food production.


By relying on state-of-the art technology, we put in place food packaging and transport processes designed to ensure that our products are delivered under top quality standards.

Fresh Products

Through an efficient, well-coordinated system, we successfully guarantee the freshness of our products and their benefits.

Top Products

About Us

Andes Roots grows and picks fruits and vegetables on the fields of Latin America’s Andes region. We work hand in hand with local producers and family-owned businesses––whole generations of farmers and growers who have tilled the land for years on end and have decades-long experience in creating top-quality products. These products are marketed under the Andes Roots (AR) brand.

Furthermore, our company imports and distributes food and beverage by-products under license from AAFB in the UAE, all of which originate from the mountains and valleys of the Andes, and has marketed and developed a number of brands for new markets that have the potential to reach the entire Arabian Gulf Region, GCC.

Our company sells and ships imported products by air and sea from Latin America’s major airports and ports, and our shipments meet every single one of our customers’ safety and phytosanitary requirements.

Our efficient supply chain, distribution network, and carefully-planned logistics systems support and track the movement of our goods. We work with companies that operate fleets of late-model, fully equipped, refrigerated trucks. This comprehensive distribution system ensures the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to both wholesalers and small hypermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels across the globe, particularly in the United Arab Emirates.